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A peaceful village tucked away between the dense forests of Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia…

As the sun melts into the horizon and the evening breeze softly brushes through the trees, you pick up your sarong and wrap it around your shoulders… The flat garment now becomes your protector. An action known as Wéngko Molé.
The sarong has been described as one of the most comfortable items of clothing for warm weather. It has belonged to the natives of hot countries in the East, who enjoy its qualities at all times, from elegant ceremonies to agricultural activities and day-to-day work. Wéngko Molé celebrates the simple elegance of this time-honoured tradition.

Always influenced by the minimal, elegant cut of the Indonesian tubular sarong, each year our collections extend to new shapes and styles in fine silks and natural fibres that offer ultimate comfort and focus on the bold prints that decorate their surface.
With a background in costume design for theatre and dance, the brand’s designer Christina Pistofidou finds inspiration in the relationship between colour, print and movement. Christina’s passion for layered print has become a tool for defining the moving body through decorative surfaces. Using the soft fabrics’ playful character, she creates designs that dance to the wearer’s rhythm.

Through Wéngko Molé, Christina explores movement through design – building unique silhouettes and an ultimate, comfortable experience.