How and when did you decide that you wanted to pursue acting?

When I was still quite young, a teacher at school had encouraged me to participate in a school play. It was such a thrilling experience and I can remember deciding that I would make this my career. I wanted to make people laugh, cry and feel; I wanted to evoke emotions and acting was the perfect way to do this. After graduating high school I went on to study acting at the Art Theatre Karolos Koun in Greece. My professional career began soon after my studies, with several TV and theatre roles.

What does it feel like, being on a stage and performing for a large audience?

It is an unbelievable experience: electrifying, stimulating and rejuvenating! I think theatre is embedded in my DNA. The whole ritual of a performance is a medicine to my soul; the few hours reciting my lines before the play starts, the excitement and slight anxiety before stepping on that stage, the unique connection I build with the audience for that fleeting moment… There is an energy that belongs to each performance, which the actor and audience experience only for that time. These moments and feelings have made me fall in love with my job, and theatre in particular.

The pandemic has greatly affected theatre and TV.  What have you missed the most?

I have missed everything about theatre; not only the magical interaction with the audience, but also the people I’ve worked with and built unique bonds with. At first, I did not miss TV as much. After taking on a few leading roles in previous years, I had decided to take a break. That was before the pandemic hit Greece. However, after participating in a well-known TV series recently as a guest star, and going back on set with my colleagues, I was reminded of my love for TV too. It does hold a special place in my heart. So, going forward I am excited to say I will be moving in both directions.

Do you ever get exhausted by the constant exposure on stage and TV?

We actors can be insecure, sensitive and very vulnerable - especially when it comes to exposing oneself on stage. To avoid emotional exhaustion, one must learn to manage expectations and recognize their limits. The nature of our profession and living in an ever-connected world doesn’t always help with our self-confidence. But I take every day as it comes and, above all, I’ve accepted that we all make mistakes. We might also fail sometimes. I try not to be too hard on myself and make sure I enjoy the ride, while setting my own goals for success.

How do you stay sane under all this pressure?

Yoga. And meditation of course. The power of breathing, gratitude, the laws of attraction and the principles of Buddhism all play an important role in my life and my process of self-awareness; not just at work but with personal matters too. Through such values I have found incredible amounts of strength and empowerment, and I have seen the world through a new lens. I now live in the moment.

Would you say today’s society is a step closer to a world of equal opportunity?

That is an interesting question, given the recent outburst in the Greek theatre and film scene and the MeToo movement. Unfortunately, we still encounter atrocious behavior by some men in the workplace, who not only show lack of support but also take advantage of their female colleagues trying to succeed. I would, however, like to give credit to the many men in Greece who are true feminists. They are playing a major role in the upbringing of their families and love to see women succeed. And women have proven that their role in the workplace is just as important as men’s, while they have shown their ability to thrive in their career and raise a healthy family, all at the same time. 

As a mother to a young girl, what do you think is important to teach the children that are growing up in today’s world?

I think it is important to establish good communication with your child, and to create a safe environment at home, where children feel confident to open up about everything and form their own unique personality. I have always openly discussed all topics including current news with my daughter since she was a toddler, hoping that she will gain the confidence to do the same and live her life fearlessly. Also, I make sure to listen to her carefully, to let her express herself and reassure her that I’m on her side. Last, but not least, I aim to teach my daughter the values which I believe make a strong and fair individual: respect, kindness, dignity, forgiveness and many more.

Is there a female figure in your life that you look up to and that inspires you?

My role model is my mother.  She raised us while working full time. Today, apart from an amazing grandmother she is also a successful writer with 15 published books. She is a force of nature and has set a perfect example for her daughters and grandchildren.

What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

When you set a goal, make sure to commit. Be patient, have self-control and study your craft with love and compassion. Be honest and authentic. Read many books! Finally, due to the multidisciplinary nature of the industry, I would advise aspiring actors to learn how to sing and dance. A strong, well-rounded performing skillset will set you apart, and may be your ticket to success.