Tell us a few things about yourself and the Greek Foundation. 

The Greek Foundation is a platform for the exchange and diffusion of Greek culture and design worldwide. I joined the Greek Foundation, where I now work as editor-in-chief, about three years ago after meeting its founder, Kostis Karatzas. That was a defining moment in my career. Everything I had worked for so far started to make sense and all that I aspired to do could be summed up by this new opportunity! Every day is so different; all the creatives we promote vary so much, and I have met some incredible personalities over the past three years. This has been my chance to completely immerse myself into Greek culture.

What does the Greek Foundation mean for you?

The word that best describes the Greek Foundation is hope: hope that Greek creators have a prosperous future, that there is still a lot more for us to show the world and that they can reach their full potential. Our mission is to discover, support and encourage creativity, skill and hard work. We share success stories, shedding light on the ones that once struggled but made it to the top, not only promoting their work but also inspiring others to pursue their dreams. The ethos and essence of the organization speaks directly to my heart. There is something about art in all forms that really draws me in. Viewing it from the various perspectives of all the creators I have met is a process that has benefitted me as much as the designers we promote.

Do you think that conditions in our country are conducive for young artists, designers etc to prosper?

First and foremost, I think that there is plenty of talent, passion and meraki* in our country. There are so many craftsmen and designers producing with all their heart and creating worlds and objects that reflect our culture in unique and innovative ways. Greece has a lot to offer the global scene and although we still lack the groundwork for building a more prosperous future for these great minds to flourish abroad, I would say that the country is making progress. The Greek Foundation is here to promote this cultural wealth to the global market.

*Meraki is a Greek word used to describe the love and devotion that one puts into one’s craft; when creating with a lot of passion and with the soul.

What is your attitude towards carving your own path, and what would you say is the key to success? 

I have always been ambitious, hardworking, and curious and have seized opportunities that intuitively felt right. I must say I didn’t have a specific plan when I started, but I have always taken risks, trusted my instinct and was happy with all the outcomes of my decisions. I believe that life has a flow, that we should sometimes trust its course, believe in serendipity, stay positive; looking at the bright side can make many of our life choices more satisfying. Hard work and determination are important ingredients, but there is a right time for everything.

What is your passion; the thing that keeps you driven, motivated and inspired?

Storytelling is my passion. I’ve always loved meeting new people, discovering more about their personalities, and then putting their stories into words so as to inspire others. Thus, my role at The Greek Foundation is the perfect job for me: a balanced mix of all my interests. I am proud to say that over three years we have created an incredible network and a long-lasting relationship with the creators and minds behind some of Greece’s most sophisticated brands. This is what gets me out of bed each morning, what motivates me and fills me with immense satisfaction.

As a young woman, what is your opinion about gender inequality in the workplace, and have you ever experienced discriminatory behaviour?

I would say that our generation is making big steps towards a fairer work environment, but sadly we all know that inequality based on gender and many other factors still exists. Personally, I have been lucky to be working in a healthy environment and have not experienced discriminatory behavior based on my sex. I am very proud of the people who have struggled to achieve the changes that some of us are now enjoying. I hope that it will not be long until the day that inequality is confined to history, but until then it is our duty to adopt and share feminist values and break stereotypes that hold us back from obtaining a future of equal opportunities for all.

A piece of advice to fellow women?

Have faith in yourself. Be bold, daring, and fearless, but always show respect to others. Nothing is impossible, so write it on your heart that you can open whichever door your set your mind on, if you persist and think creatively. Find something that keeps you on your toes and motivates you, and never cease looking for ways to stay inspired. Great things lie ahead!