What word best describes you and your work?

I am a maker more than a designer. Every time I sit at my workbench I let my instinct flow. With no pre-planned sketches or ideas, I start to create impulsively using mainly silver and letting time guide me through to the result. That’s the exciting part. My studies are in design but my full potential is reached once I decide to let go, be spontaneous and see where that takes me. Thinking about it, that’s my definition of life!

What does Nasilia mean?

It is a combination of my name Nasia and my best friend’s Filia!

Talk to us about your inspirations!

Silver is the basis of all my creations! I’m really drawn to the way it alters naturally with time. I always wear my jewelry. My inspiration mainly comes from within, like a power that draws me to create what I would be happiest wearing myself.

Who is your typical customer?

My customers are of all ages and styles and I love how different they all are! I like to think that my style transcends age and is timeless too. I hope people feel comfortable wearing my jewelry regardless of trends or fashions.

How do you sell your designs?

Although I collaborate with shops and mainly sell online, I have many people visiting my showroom. I love meeting my customers face-to-face. This is their way of exploring the tactility of the jewelry, and my way of defining their portrait! It is really important to meet your clients in person.

Tell us about your first steps

Passion and fear! The first days can be quite daunting. However, I wanted this so much that failing didn’t even cross my mind. I started out at home and promised myself that if I could generate some sales I would find a dedicated workspace.

… and the future?

My current studio is private but I am strongly considering moving into a shared space. I’d love to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds, each with their own skills and dreams. So many designers in Greece are starting from scratch and chasing their goals at the moment and this is really exciting!