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About us

Fabric does not simply dress the body.
It takes on a life on its own, absorbing one’s experiences and interacting with the body to convey the wearer’s emotions.

Wéngko Molé [pronounced w'engkō mōl'e] describes the action of wrapping the sarong around the body as a means of protection, when the day fades into evening.

Wéngko Molé is a concept based resort-wear brand represented in London and Athens. Inspired by the meaning of the sarong in Eastern cultures and lifestyle, the brand aims to bring its qualities to a Western audience. Our niche product has evolved through the exploration of this garment in various East Asian countries.

Digitally printed in the UK, our garments are crafted in the finest silks and silk mixes, and finished by hand in Greece such that shape and colour work together to emanate both elegance and comfort. Vibrant bold prints take the wearer to the furthest escapes, offering a truly sensational summer experience.