Our Latest Collection

Our Latest Collection

Southern Light, Summer 2018

Southern Light Summer 2018 takes you on a journey through the French Riviera in the 20s, a decade that opened the floodgates of optimism and hedonism, fizzing energy and a wild life. Under the warm light of the Mediterranean sun the tale of this dazzling era was born through a spirited lifestyle and desire for change.

The beaches were overflowing with kaleidoscopic design, geometric prints and unexpected rays of bright colours. Textiles still held an aura of the Orient while a palette was made using pastels and complementing vibrant tones borrowed from the Fauves.

Between the rhythm and colour of a revived decade our woman is born, romantic and playful, dressed in prints that will bring new energy into your summer. Her seductive gaze draws you into her own spirited world of new found freedom.

Composed of 26 prints and seven dyed textiles in hues of the swinging twenties, the collection blends bold Fauve colours with the electricity and buzz of 20th century Japanese kimono design to create a perfect harmony of tone and motif.